Chance Alberta, Former CEO-TREDC

“In the first year of my tenure as a nascent Chairman/CEO of the Tule River Economic Corporation (TREDC), holding company; I inherited an organization lacking the administrative maturity and infrastructure to effectively govern the companies and some of the passive investments in its portfolio. My decision to deploy SOIG was a pivotal strategy that transformed us from a directionless but passionate group, to a passionate group empowered with a clear vision, mission, and values that were uniquely integrated with our goals, strategies and actions. In one year, with the help of SOIG, we reduced our losses and achieved historical success!

More importantly, SOIG gave me the technology and leadership skills to help shape a healthy culture at TREDC, Inc., and the leadership competencies that will allow me to be an asset to the people I serve for the remainder of my career.”

Darrin Person, MA. Director, The Mentor Office of Fresno Unified School District

S.O.I.G. has changed our office culture and our trajectory in becoming a highly effective and productive team. S.O.I.G provides a platform and structure for offices that want to reach their full potential in meeting their mission and vision.

Credit Pulse

SOIG has helped us to organize, develop and grow our business over the past five years by empowering the team with its capacity for strategic planning, connecting people, tracking performance, generating knowledge, and aligning work with culture. We now have the confidence and capacity to fulfill our vision of becoming a fortune 500 company.