SOIG Essential I: Strategic Job Map Canvas, is a stand-alone starter package. Essential I empowers users with smart Strategic Job and Project Map Canvases to simultaneously design and operationalize projects and strategic plans, form functional organizational charts, build SMART Goal connectivity and congruency at every level, integrate organizational culture and performance to shape healthy culture, execute comprehensive on – onboarding, and fosters accountability partnerships. Key term popovers and smart links provide definitions, examples, and instructions for key terms and procedures. All information is securely archived, editable, and easily accessible. SOIG Essential I supports SOIG implementation with the Internal Training, Coaching, and Consultancy Model (ICTCM) that is transferable as an instructional facilitation tool for any learning situation.

Comes with 60 free days of Train-the-Trainer Consultancy, Training, and Coaching.

SMART design canvases to populate and display work and culture, equipped with SOIG internal Training, Coaching, and Consultancy Model (ICTCM):
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Mission, Vision and Core Values
Key Result Areas
Major Actions
Performance Indicators
Simple and nimble “gamification”
Smart links access design space to compose strategic content
Organization Tree formulation with editing
Integration of work and culture, fostering Contributor satisfaction, reduced work day stress, shaping of healthy culture, performance and growth
Balanced scorecard to support equitable recognition of Contributors
Accelerate on-boarding for new hires, and orienting Contributors to new tasks and goals
Easy and fun across generations
Strengthens coordination/collaboration
System-wide connectivity and congruency supports constructive engagement – collaboration, decision making, problem solving and strategic planning
Easy review of duties and responsibilities
Promotes accountability and efficiency
Goal review prompts
Project formulation
Online Training Center Access
User’s guide
Electronic storage
Printable documents
Application Programming Interface (API) *Scalable to Essential II & III (Configured for easy add on of Essential II and III as build outs to SOIG All-in- One).