Leadership by Design

SOIG’s support team is ready to assist you with on-boarding SOIG’s flexible, scalable strategic job map canvas. This feature will  ensure you capture strategic content to empower and connect talent and customers.  Schedule an appointment for additional assistance, if needed, by clicking on the link below:

Regulatory Compliance

Are you concerned about the regulatory and government compliance rules for your industry? Our “In The Now messaging” and eLearning Center archives your compliance activity, data and information and keeps it protected by the latest in cyber security measures.

Corporate Responsibility

We love helping!

Our aim is to strengthen world economies by leveling the playing field for small and moderate size private and nonprofit businesses. 

Our five-year business plan includes a strategy to launch our “vertical reciprocity program” in 2022.

We will provide a deep discount of 95% to one undercapitalized organization for every new subscription we transact.

New subscribers can nominate one deserving organization of their choice. Nominees chosen to receive the discount will be published in our blog along with their nominators.