Watts & Associates’ Show Observe Interact and Grow (SOIG) organizational and performance management technology provides businesses with a number of tools for achieving performance and capacity development goals at every level. The appraisal component is especially useful and effective because it is based on a balanced scorecard. Just as the terms of a contract are expected to remain unchanged, and it is essential to balance both sides of an algebra equation, contributing employees must be assessed on the terms articulated in their respective job descriptions. This is what we call the SJMC (Strategic Job Map Canvas). The SOIG appraisal tool inspires collaboration among management, employees and all stakeholders affiliated with a business organization. The most common criticism of performance appraisal centers by contributing employees is that leadership is remiss in considering the multitude of factors that impact job performance. Leadership is often at a loss to connect the facts to the events surrounding the achievements of the specified performance indicators and goals. 

SOIG takes the pain away by easing the creation of appraisals, and by organizing data and information in a relevant manner. While objective, constructive feedback is essential for a business organization’s growth and productivity. That can never be achieved if those on the receiving end are subordinates who do not participate in the process. This was my experience when using the many different teacher evaluation instruments required throughout my 25 years as a school administrator. While the expected outcome was for teachers to improve and become reflective about their practices, each and every instrument failed in providing them with the autonomy to do so. 

At Watts & Associates, our contention is that for employees to reach their maximum productivity, they have to be given responsibility and ownership for their performance. Self-reflection and the ability to accept constructive criticism without resentment are only as important as employees articulating their needs and concerns to those same managers who are doing their performance appraisals. It goes without saying that they need to be guaranteed a safe working environment in which expectations for social interaction are clear, and no employee experiences discomfort. We are creating a culture of respect by making core values clear in understanding and practice.

The SOIG appraisal tool makes the future “now,” because every member of the organization actively participates in a perpetual appraisal process. “In the Now” messaging adds relevant meaning to appraisals by empowering contributors to provide the narrative of events, and specifically substantiate how they meet their goals and performance indicators . With contributing employees reflecting on how their performance is assessed, they are encouraged to provide feedback to ensure management is supplying necessary support and resources for successful performance. Continued personal and professional growth for all employees, regardless of their role, is the objective of our employee-centered appraisal system. This is what sets us apart from others offering similar services. What further substantiates the integrity of our appraisal system lies in its functionality to not only provide employees with quarterly or annual performance assessments, but to use the same reciprocal communication dynamics for the appraisal of projects assigned to the various departments or divisions within an organization. Most importantly, we want to ensure that the integrity of the workplace culture that drives the work is never compromised. If the values and culture of your organization remain unclear, now is the time to identify clear and concise behavioral expectations for all of those who play a role in preserving the integrity of the workplace culture.

Establishing and maintaining workplace cultures with integrity has become increasingly difficult in today’s constantly changing businesses. Employees come and go, positions are eliminated, duties are reassigned, and management often becomes disconnected from the workforce. We can all agree that when this occurs, productivity is diminished as continuity, direction, and expectations become less clear. If you believe as we do that people are not the problem, the technical platform with which you organize your business, evaluate employee performance, and communicate electronically is what needs improvement. The first question we will ask is, “Do you have a strategic job map that aligns employee roles within various departments, all of which are guided by an organizational culture that makes clear expectations for goal-driven performance?” If the answer is “no,” SOIG has you covered. Whenever roles change – whether new ones are added or eliminated, or changes in personnel occur – as long as you have entered all of the information to populate your job map, our software makes all necessary changes and relays the information to the right people at the right time with little effort needed from your system administrator. We call this smart communication “being in the now.” Dr. Watts offers us a much more detailed explanation that helps us appreciate the significance of how various members of an organization communicate when he explains, 

“Using a sophisticated hybrid dialogue platform, SOIG provides a way to support a ‘perpetual state of now.’ Being in the now means being continuously informed through active engagement with goal and task congruence, system wide. Thus, SOIG builds successful partnerships by giving people access to critical intel to encourage reciprocity with sharing resources during tasks, reducing the stress emergent of uncertainty and change.”

We believe that professional growth for each and every member of a business organization is crucial. We will show you how to populate the learning center we have created for SOIG. You can provide your workforce with an array of learning seminars, tutorials, webinars, and include customized programs designed and delivered by members of your organization. Our system also inspires interdivisional collaboration, which allows employees to locate and invite colleagues to participate in or share expertise on any given project or event.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that we are no “dog-and-pony show.” What we do with our individual clients is highly personalized. We provide a multidimensional software that will reduce your stress while keeping your employees focused, engaged, and dedicated to performing their assigned roles to the best of their abilities. This will allow them to remain committed to being part of the solution as members of a team. We don’t want to tell you how to run your business. In fact, all we are trained to do is show you how to use each and every panel of the system to its full capacity, how to teach others about their access and expectations for data entry, and to always remain accessible to you when needed.