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What is S.O.I.G.?

S.O.I.G. Takes The Pain Away!

Show, Observe, Interact, and Grow (SOIG) has dual capacity as both an organizational development/talent management system and an internal consultancy, training, and coaching platform.  SOIG operates in the form of a SaaS (software-as-a-service) stand-alone mobile web application for leveling the external and internal playing fields for businesses, of all sizes, in the private and nonprofit sectors. The app is a hybrid organizational development tool designed to take the pain out of growing and sustaining a business; e.g., leading a team, overseeing projects, and managing specific departments or an entire enterprise.

Solutions You’ve Waited For

Problems Worth Solving

  1. Inconsistent performance and behavior
  2. Decreasing talent pool
  3. Low training and hiring return on investment
  4. Inability to shape healthy and productive culture
  5. Poor and delayed response to change

SOIG Solutions

  1. Strategic Job Map Canvas Accountability
  2. Internal learning and satisfaction
  3. Strategic “In The Now” communication
  4. Integration of culture and results
  5. Generation and integration of knowledge


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Why People Choose S.O.I.G.

10 Empowering Reasons Business Leaders Choose SOIG!

1. SOIG’s Progressive Classic Packages afford clients the option of selecting packages specific to their immediate needs and progressing to SOIG ALL-IN-ONE at their own pace.

2. Virtual “In The Now” Messaging: SOIG provides businesses a way to be “In The Now,” a virtual destination platform” designed to facilitate engagement between Contributors linked by goal and task congruency systemwide.  It accelerates learning and expedites efficient goal attainment. Being “In the Now” provides managers and peers with a pro-active messaging framework.  In real time, this framework composes messages and invites others to respond, as well as, produces formative and summative assessments for each other, all while securing those assessments in archival storage for future use.

3. Archival Storage: SOIG archives all project interactions, supporting accurate “two-way” (360-degree feedback for leaders by direct reports) performance appraisals that remove the pain from the performance appraisal process for management and direct reports. The SOIG system also; incorporates a tool that aids in conflict and dispute mitigation; makes accurate and fair performance comparisons to support salary increases and promotions; and organizes performance data for presentations to boards, teams and funding bodies.

4. Lightening Stress: SOIG lightens the stress caused by disorganization, miscommunication, and lack of direction; and avails more human energy for quality performance which ensures task and project management success.

5. Shaping Culture: SOIG supports the shaping of an organizational culture through consultancy that places a priority on the health, social values, career goals and capacity building. This emphasis in culture success and long-term wellness, consequently, creates healthy organizational growth!   

6. Smart Multi-Use Strategic Job and Project Map Canvases: SOIG gives every business smart multi-use strategic job and project map canvases on which a snapshot of organizational and contributor accountabilities can be composed, interlinked and respectfully aligned with core values. The canvases enable easy and convenient presentations to inform and operationalize strategic plans, decision making, problem solving, hiring tool construction, vendor vetting, project management, and other related functions.

7. Comprehensive On-Boarding of Talent and More: Combined with the Strategic Job Map Canvas the SOIG Model (Show-Observe-Interact-Growth Model), provides users with learner-centered on-boarding capability, which doubles as a “go-to framework” and common language and method for delivery of internal training, coaching and consulting to accelerate the learning of responsibilities and accountabilities during on-boarding to undergird the success of new hires.

8. Virtual Training Center: Clients are excited to access SOIG’s virtual training center. With a click of the mouse you can gain the insights you need to support your strategic plans.

9. 60 Free business days of Train-the-Trainer consulting, training, and coaching. 

10. Online Support: S.O.I.G provides a team of friendly, technical, and organizational coaching experts that are available (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST) to offer support and advice. We also have FAQs to help answer any questions you may have.

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